Naomi Campbell hospitalized

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell checked into a Sao Paulo hospital to be treated by a top Brazilian infection specialist. Fox New York says it was to have a small cyst removed. Kind of iffy because you don’t need to fly to Brazil to have a cyst removed.

A hospital statement said: “The patient and her advisers have determined that the hospital’s medical staff will not issue any formal or informal information on her medical condition..”

She is being treated by David Uip, a specialist in infectious diseases and gynecologist Jose Aristodemo Pinotti, the statement said.

This guy is both an infectious diseases specialist and a gynecologist? I wonder what she has. Vaginal cysts? Ovarian cysts? Whatever the case may be, I hope Naomi is alright and had that cyst aborted post-haste. She has years of beating assistants with a phone left in her. Her assistants probably pray on a daily basis Naomi doesn’t buy a PDA. Those things leave a mark.

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