New Edison Chen sex photos leak as Kira “taunts” police

Gillian poses

After remaining silent for Chinese New Year, the anime loving “Kira” released new sets of pictures featuring more of Hong Kong’s favorite stars Gillian Chung and Cecilia Cheung (people say she’s the equivalent of Lindsay Lohan over there). A Maggie Q sex tape was rumored to have been posted on a large forum, but was quickly taken off by forum moderators. suggests a showbiz insider is spreading these pictures since an individual emailed them pictures to one of their addresses that was never publicly published and was only used for media contacts.

“We are incredibly curious to know who sent us this message. The email address it was sent to has never been listed on the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘About Us’ pages of our website. It has only ever been given to music and film companies for them to send us press material. And we have only ever used it to send out press releases to other media outlets such as newspapers.”

Even CNN reported on the scandal sweeping a nation. In any case, Edison Chen is in hiding as is Gillian Chung. Bobo Chan’s wedding has been called off at the behest of her fiance’s mom or grandma. Edison has also been dropped from Stephen Chow’s movie, Jump. I don’t know why the media is chastising Edison for this. Over here in America, when an actor tapes himself screwing the biggest celebrities in the country, every guy he meets on the street will give him a jumping high-five and every girl he filmed will get even more movie deals and record contracts.

Finally, I offer you this quote from a commenter by the name of YM.

It’s a PR disaster. They should not have claimed that the photos were faked in the first place. That drew a bunch of Photoshop experts to the scene and delivered crash courses on Photoshop techniques. Not to mention an even bigger audience who came for more earthly purposes than to learn Photoshop 101.

They should not have cried bloody murder in such high pitch to attract police attention. You know, police in HK are so servile these days. So they made arrests like crazy, and their false interpretation of the laws muddled the distinction between “crime and sin” which ended up attracting even more people to speculate on the what, who, when, where, and how.

You have to take a look at the sheepish smiles of the police spokesman when he clarified that sending those pics to your friends is okay, but not to the public…(Aside: so those asking for their mailbox be filled may be setting traps for you.) and that there are thousands of those pics, not just a handful.

That kicked off the witch hunt for the rest of the pics – precisely why most of us are gathering here day in and day out.

Pity that the HK police had to pull up the Interpol stunt which failed to ward off the crowd anyway.

The updated uploads are probably due more to making protests to the police’s actions than to serve the public’s interest in this matter. If the photos were taken from EDC’s hard disk back in 2006, there is high chance they’ve been spreaded around for some time already. So there’s no surprise that people more knowledgeable in Internet hide-and-seek will come up to challenge the HK police.

BTW, EDC was using a Mac – running an OS with much acclaim of its security – yet won’t stand a chance with a clean boot CD to reset the admin’s password. Probably the word “encryption” is beyond EDC’s English standard, and the product “truecrypt” escapes his technical radar screen, if any.

It’s a good PR lesson. Usually PR disaster were due to doing too little too late, with an intention to hush up. Yet this saga is totally the opposite – people are doing too much too soon and in such a loud voice too.

So, what have we learned? If you’re going to make sex tapes of your girlfriends, be sure to use True Crypt 5.0 and if they’re leaked, run as fast and as far away as possible. Also, make sure you trim your bush. That part is probably the most important.

Untagged versions of the new pictures [Megaupload | Rapidshare | zShare] Thanks Mr. X.

  • Kukupet

    True Crypt 5.0 eh? Thanks for the advice ;)

    Man, your webby haas become my default page. LOL

  • null

    well.. from the latest batch of pics, it seems that Gil was at least smart enough to not let Edison photograph anything hardcore…. good for her… bad for us :P

  • null

    minus the blowjobs of course. but at least no actual sex.

  • wl

    Dang didn’t know Gillian can get so nasty! woohoo.

    I think they should all turn to becoming a porn star. It’s all they can possibly do after this “strange strange ordeal”. LOL..

  • honkie

    It’s Bobo who is due to get married, or not – Cecilia is already married to another local badboy “artist” (as local performers prefer to refer to themselves) Nicolas Tse and is rumored to be carrying their 2nd baby.

    Edison is being chastised because the people here are still very anal about sex (excuse the pun), at least in public anyway. Just a few years ago, a copy of Michelangelo’s statue of David on display in the foyer of a building somewhere was ruled obscene by a government organization responsible for screening “obscenity”!!! and the Hong Kong government is still trying to promote the city as “Asia’s world city” — what a joke!!

    But seriously, when it comes to sex and nudity, the general attitude (again in public) in this place is pretty backward, even more so than mainland China.

  • Woops, corrected.

  • Jim

    I don’t think they are nasty. They just did what couple supposed to do…but of course never show people.

  • punkfun

    ‘ve to agree that those pics or vid taken were under mutual consent of the adult couple. ‘ve to agree that a PR disaster for the parties concerned going to far or try to cover up without any knowledge of the power of internet

  • bob jones

    Talk about uptight and sexless Chinese folks.

  • Redskin

    Hi Guys,
    I see the link above for the new pictures. However i am in Shanghai and cant seem to open the link. Is there any other way i can get them?

  • mate

    thanks for all the updates.. but the link on megaload and rapidshare are not working..

    can someone upload to another one??

    thanks again!

  • DWT

    Can someone make the new file/s into zip file???

    Many thanks!!!!

  • Jamjam

    No, Edison is being chastised because he’s a spoiled, untalented and arrogant prick.

  • lydia

    Hey something is wrong with the link.somehow i cant seem to dl it..can somebody please fix it.

  • bystander

    Could someone please upload a file to please? b/c megaupload is banned in the region where I can access the internet.

    Thanks a lot

  • Not myopic

    Not really true. Everyone knew his reputation and it did nothing to dent his popularity. There are plenty of known womanisers around who are very popular. The cheesy behaviour here was keeping the pics, and – according to the press – showing them off to buddies.

    In 1995, the TELA referred a PICTURE of the completely naked statue of David, which was on public display, to the Obscene Articles Tribunal (OAT). The tribunal, which comprises a presiding magistrate and two adjudicators, ruled the statue of David was “obscene”. The case went all the way to the High Court where the “obscene” ruling was ultimately overturned.

    In response, last year in HK free speech advocates tried to show up the stupid double standards by trying to get the Bible classified as obscene. Of course, that was represented as “dumb hong kongers think the Bible’s obscene”.

  • Not myopic

    Uptight? Even Paris didn’t do split beaver shots.

  • Notamnesiac

    What a stupid racist comment. You obviously forgot all the crap about Britney Spears’ “virginity”.

  • tp

    if these actresses movie career are over, perhaps this is the beginning of their soft-porn career…

  • onthefence

    can’t open .rar file. Coud mr. x zip it up please?

    by the way, who’s that girl in the shower, vincy??

  • asd

    The rar includes 98 pic of gillian chung,122 cecilia cheung,48 candice chan,41 yu-HSU chen,11 rachel ngan.
    There is nothing wrong with the link. Besides, the speed is up to 100k/s.
    Longing for the video.
    Thanks Mr. X.

  • ?

    why is vincy pic deleted

  • noone

    Yup, nothing wrong with the link…just couple of new photos..still waiting to see MAGGIE Q’s photo!

    Thanks MR.X

  • Dude

    None of these actresses are equivalent to Lindsay Lohan. More like Anne Hathaway or Megan Fox for the least famous ones. That’s why this is a big deal.

    HO-han, Britney, Xtina are skanks that you wouldn’t be surprised to find sex tapes of.

  • Devil

    Well, if Edison and his girls can’t continue to star in Hong Kong movies, maybe they can try their luck in Hollywood (or pornywood). In US, it doesn’t matter how you get your fame. What matters most is that you just become famous(or infamous) and hope that the money will come rolling in.

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