No one can resist Lindsay’s charm

Lindsay Lohan was in raging whore mode Tuesday night at a West Hollywood club. Fueled by vodka and champagne, her burning loins, acting like a dowser with a forked branch, gravitated towards celebrity crotch quicker than a Valtrex refill. Lindsay first hit on Entourage star, Adrian Grenier, by pulling him on the dance floor. Adrian’s girl eventually pulled him back from Linday’s clutches and made a hasty retreat. The red headed tease then made her way to Leonardo DiCaprio, but had very little success.

“She was very flirty with Leo,” says our spy. “But he wasn’t saying much to her.” DiCaprio and Grenier and their posses exited around 2 a.m., leaving Lohan with some girlfriends.

Find me a story where Lindsay isn’t getting drunk and whoring herself out. It’s impossible. I read a study they did on Lindsay where they found out that if she didn’t have sex every three days and drink every night, she might die or worse, turn into a well mannered, respectable human being. I shudder to think.

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capt cornhole
capt cornhole
13 years ago

she is such a cum slut!
you know she swallows, which is such a waste of sperm in her case.
She’s only good for a good facial, or a nice bubbly cum fart.

in fact, I might have to knock one out just thinking about her cum farting while looking over her shoulder at my with those s**t freckles of hers. That sloppy slurppy cum fart sound as she smiles at you wanting more.
Best thing to do in that case, wipe your dick off in her hair and stuff $10 in her snatch.

Capt Cornhole

Rick Da Ruler
Rick Da Ruler
13 years ago

Damn it’s good to have the ole Cornholer back on the scene…LMAO…This pretty-eyed,freckled, but still sexy tramp is one of my fave dirrrty lil secrets & I would luv to personally foul her or even watch her be fouled in so many ways…A versatile slut who NEVER disappoints, this one is…I personally volunteer to happily send her into many of my world-famous jizz comas daily & record them all of course…

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