Pamela Anderson wants an annulment this time

Pamela Anderson fell in love with and eventually married Rick Salomon after he paid off her gambling debts. In theory, this should have a happy ending, but apparently that’s not the case. In Junuary, Pamela asked a second time for divorce. She then said they were going to work things out. Things didn’t work out so this time she’s seeking an annulment for their two month marriage based on fraud.

In court papers filed in Los Angeles on Friday, Anderson asked the court not to award spousal support and to keep her and Salomon’s income and property separate. On Monday, Anderson filed a request to have a retired judge handle the annulment proceedings – a common practice in celebrity split-ups as it keeps matters private and out of the court.

They’re both idiots. I hope Pamela drowns in a well of her own retardation and Rick continues riding into the sunset of irrelevancy.

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