Paris Hilton sounds desperate

With each passing day, Paris Hilton becomes more and more pathetic. On Monday, it was a story about Paris trying to out-whore Lindsay. Today, Page Six tells of how at the Sony BMG Grammy party Paris tried in vain to hook up with John Mayer.

After the Grammys on Sunday, the celebutard showed up at the Sony BMG Grammy party at the Thompson Hotel lounge and “aggressively tried to hook up with John Mayer – following him around and dancing, trying to get him to look at her,” a source told Page Six.

“At one point, she sat at a table and tapped on the seat to motion him to sit next to her. John politely sat for less than a second before ignoring her and moving to chat with a group of friends.”

Paris can’t use these tactics anymore. They only work for pretty girls. What this cock hungry lion needs is gun or GHB. GHB has the advantage of memory loss, but then Paris would have to drag Mayer’s body to her room. With a gun, there’s no memory loss, but the other person does all the work. Advantage: GHB. Guns are heavy.

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