Paula Abdul thinks it sucks too

Paula Abdul’s brand new music video for Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow debuted yesterday drawing a lot of criticism. Paula’s included. According to MSNBC, Paula is extremely disappointed in how it turned out.

“She doesn’t think it’s Heidi Montag-bad, but she’s still trying to pretend like it didn’t happen. If Randy (Jackson) wasn’t involved, she’d be more vocal about it, but she does appreciate the fact that he was involved,” said the source.

Comparing your video to Heidi Montag’s video is a good way to put things into perspective. I could film myself straining to take a dump with veins popping out of my neck as a music video for that Aladdin song and even though it’ll get 1 star on YouTube, I could say, “At least it wasn’t Heidi Montag-bad.” Everybody would then have to nod their head in reluctant agreement.

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13 years ago

are you insane? first of all, most comments about this video i have seen are Positive. second of all, it doesnt suck, its in fact VERY GOOD

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