Scarlett was embarrassed

Last night at the Royal Premiere of “The Other Boleyn Girl,” Scarlett Johansson met Natassia “Scarlet” Malthe (above). I’m not sure how true this story is, but the crowd was screaming “Scarlet” which caused Scarlett Johansson to slink away from a red carpet interview. When she made her way over to the crowd, she found out they were actually cheering for Natassia “Scarlet” Malthe. An email I got says:

The crowds were screaming, “Scarlet.” Scarlett J. thought the screams were for her, so she abandoned a red carpet interview, only to find out the screams were actually for red hot newcomer Natassia “Scarlet” Malthe. It was no wonder with Natassia/Scarlet’s absolutely stunning green Roberto Cavalli dress.

That’s embarrassing I guess. If I was part of that crowd, I don’t think I would care. Natassia Malthe, Scarlett Johansson. Whatever. In these awkward situations you have to be diplomatic. That’s why I’ll let both of them have sex with me. At the same time.

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16 years ago

The advertisement that plays video is very irritating and annoying. Thats the only reason why I chose not to read ur blogs for more than 2mins.