I managed to hit the top 3 Movers & Shakers list on Alexa! This probably won’t be happening again anytime soon so just let me bask in the glory before making fun of me. A lot of traffic is being pushed off of a single dedicated server which is not without its problems, but it’s nonetheless amazing. Thanks to Acunett for being awesome admins who, although sometimes slower than I’d like, know what they’re doing and Softlayer for having kick-ass data centers. Here’s to hoping Kira is biding his/her time to release the rest of those pictures and if they do, please send them to “[email protected]”.

Thanks to everyone who visits. Tell all your friends. I’ll give you something special. Like love.


  • Its all Edison…I hope you will not forget him..hahaha

  • Shane

    not to take any credits off your site but you seriously got the orients and edison chen to thank for

  • edison chen show hahaha

  • Nicolina

    Who the fuck is Edison Chen?

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