The Japanese are bored and time wasters

A Japanese variety show attempted to recreate “We Are the World.” Amazing. I can’t even tell the difference.

  • Bastardly: Does this sari make me look fat?
  • Drunken Stepfather: Elle Macpherson looking old and hot
  • CityRag: Natalie Portman sexes up Letterman
  • Bossip: Lil’ Wayne explains his addiction to the syrup
  • Asylum: Raising cash for boobs. A noble cause indeed.
  • FHM: Bad news: There’s a Terminator 4. Good news: Christian Bale will play John Connor
  • Celebslam: Mischa Barton emerges from the center of the Earth
  • Celebitchy: Justin Timberlake does the 70’s porn look
  • ASL: Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks will make reality tv their bitch
  • Dlisted: This is embarrassing. I feel bad for Larry King. Ha, not really.
  • SOW: Matthew Perry gives good head
  • CS: If Hilary Clinton used Amy Winehouse’s makeup line…
  • College Humor: The inmates are back with a performance of Soulja Boy
  • TC: Hayden will be a whore on Law & Order
  • BWE: Kim Kardashian in an instructional on how to give money to the homeless when you’re famous. Step 1: Make sure there are cameras around
  • Yahoo: Post-apocalyptic quarantined chick fight
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