The police are making this worse

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The Edison Chen scandal has yet to die down as police have uncovered more photos of four starlets in Edison’s personal collection. For whatever reason, they gave hints as to who else was implicated in this mess. Earlier, people suspected Shu Qi, Fiona Sit, Stephy Tang and Jill Vidal as the girls. However, a recently published magazine claims to know who the women are and emphasize that if their names were to be released, Edison Chen may suffer greatly and even face death. Coolsmurf says:

On the left… Ten of them shows her wearing her undergarments in a hotel room in different poses. The other 20 photos sees her and another guy together and their actions are linked, possibly screencaps from a video. This female star is reportedly a very beautiful woman possibly in this world. She was very active in her early days in the movie world and had lots of scandals with many stars. Netizens speculate it could be Christy Chung.

On the right… is nearing 40 years old. She has appeared in movies over the past 20 years but is gradually moving towards a career in the financial world. Her photos are mostly taken in a hotel and has many close-ups and is quite “racy”. The photos aren’t very clear though and are likely to come from a video. Widely speculated to be Carina Lau.

This guy managed to trick a lot of stars into doing amateur porn. The closest I’ve ever gotten to filming a girl in bed was when my neighbors forgot to close their blinds. That is to say, Edison Chen may have took a plane and got the hell out of Hong Kong, but he has forever landed in my heart.

  • Hmm

    Carina, yeah right. We’re talking about Carina who won’t give in to Albert Yang, knowing there would be consequences (and there were). That girl has pride. Beside, she and Tony are just the best couple in the HK entertainment industry… and still happily in love after 18 years. Edison’s just an immature kid (even though he’s older than me by a few years, but he doesn’t act like it).

    Stop picking random names and ruining people’s images.

  • Kowloon

    Where have you been? She has been sleeping with rich guys all over the places but with Edison? and let him took pics/ video. I doubt that.

  • EdisonRock

    Rick kid, looks good…why not for a fk? I am sure Edison uses all kind of $ and incentive to get these lady for a fk…. Edison, we worship you. Based on how you have been fking around, I think you are living proof of AIDS cannot be spread when used with condoms!!!!

    Edison, please join Hollywood porn industry…… I will buy your collection!!!!!!

  • mao

    She sleeps around tons. She also got raped when she refused to do a movie. It was filmed and arranged. Quit sad, however.

    Hmm — you’re a dumbass.

    btw, i’ve seen christy cheung make out with guys at clubs in beijing.

  • Con Edison

    his peepee is too small for hollyWOOD!!

  • Con Edison

    SLimJim commercials maybe.

  • List

    Oh, Edison Chen very kool. Woman “40 years old” ???

  • ItIsFree

    She does come with a female organ…that is all it matters… I wonder if his fantasy includes 60+ years old women.. Will definitely need to ask Gil to borrow a KY jelly.

    Remember it is not how big it count, it is how you use it.

  • Destard

    hey guys any idea who the new suspects are?

  • Iris

    what chinese think about sex is different from americans…
    he did sth. wrong .he should apologize..but i think the one who really should apologize is the one who upload the pics to the Internet..
    He took terrible photos??/ but the girls weren’t getting raped were they? In fact the girls looked liked they were enjoying themselves and deliberately POSING for the camera. The girls seemed quite happy for their pics to be taken.

    So why are you just blaming him??

    I say they were both at fault. Stupid girls as well.
    duty comes with wealth. if you gain more, you should at least behave better. why do politician keep healthy image all the time? public influence. no offence to the states though, i do think entertainment circle needs regulation
    dont understand why everyone is blamming him alone for the whole thing. 1st, the pics were stolen – he did not distribute them. 2nd all the females are willing participants when the pics were taken and they now all appear as if they were the victims…..come on give me a break. they all have to be responsible for their actions!
    What I didn’t get is why he did his apology and resignation in English. It seems that it would have been more respectful to reach out to the majority of his fans in the language they understand. Yes I know many are bilingual but for some reason his methods have irked me

    Honestly, it’s tabloid fodder and no one really cares (well, except maybe the people in Asia who do have a different idea of how things should or should not be).

    As long as he wasn’t doing anything questionable with children or animals, it’s fine.

    i don’t get it, in hollywood almost everybody has a sex tape but they still manage to keep their careers and be respected, while in hong kong he has a sex scandal and they take down billboards featuring him? there’s such a big cultural difference

    1,300?!! what a dumb move!

    Anyway, I don’t think a video apology will be enough for some of the people who control the HK industry. He might need to hire an army of bodyguards and go and make personal apologies or he’ll be stuck in Canada watching his back.

    What a perv, he’s always been a pervy kind of guy.

    he’s a canton star who’s born in canada, he’s actually a HUGE canton star.

    anyway like he gives a rap about “healing” he was born in raised in canada he doesnt have the same morals as his fans.

    SO ehh .. what the hell !!

  • Iris

    Any idea who was that ?

  • Adam

    edc is da man. sticking his dick in so many women love nest. hate or like him, he is still a great finisher.

  • AnimalFreek

    Noone can tell if he does animal or not…nor can tell he does little kids.

    All we know is he is a sex addict, do girls from 15 up to 40+. He has enough wealth for him to accomplish any exotic dreams he want. It is like the pig farmer who likes to kill hooker in Vancouver, Canada. It is an addict. Cannot be stopped. The more famous the gril, the more $ he is willingt cough up and fk them and tape them.

    I am sure if he is into animals…it will be from pig all the way to cow….

  • All Revealed at my website.. take a look.

  • Umm…

    If those two guesses are true, then it’s not really worth news aside from the fact that they hooked up with Edison.

    First, Christy Cheung has been nude in a movie and in her photoshoot.

    Secondly, the 40-year-old woman, Carina Lau, had her nude picture posted on the front page of a popular magazine in HK. Although, that picture was not taken willfully. In fact, she upset some HK mobster and got “kidnapped”, they took some nude pictures of her and a few years ago, there was a video of her getting raped by these guys (no, it was not porn, not acted out). She later spoke about the incident in a news conference.

  • HAHA

    I think the girl is Janice, and not Jill because Janice came out in 2005. They probably mistaken Jill as Janice since they are twins and Jill portrays the sexier image of the two. Janice came out in 2005 and Jill in 2006. The two are known to be party girls and A MUSIC is trying to change Janice’s image into the sweet and innocent type. They can’t have two sisters with the same image in one company.

  • like to comment

    i think the key word here is “privacy”. These girls did pose and gladly let d guy took photos of them, but i dont think they agreed to let him exposed these photos. How would u like if ur ex-girl or boy friend exposed something personal about ur self, or some secrets only d 2 of u know to other people, even though u did not permit.

    Ed chen here is a jerk and should know better that these photos are very private, but what he did? He carelessly hand in to some technician, thinking they wouldn’t crack his laptop, made copies of the pics, distribute them on d net,yeah i am innocent as long i’m stupid and dump and easy to trust some strangers to handle my private items, escpecially when i’m a high profile person.

  • HK fan

    I dont think he’s a sex addict. He is basically a rich, high profile and good looking(stupid)playboy, surrounded by many beautiful girls and famous female celebrity which constantly he can get his hand on them.

    Usually i think any guy would trade places with him before this scandal apprears.

  • AnimalFreek

    Well…remember you had only saw what he had photo and film. I am sure there are more out there that did not get filmmed. He had no problem in fking girls that are young or old….

    Bottom line, when you have lots of $ and can give out jobs…you can get any sex you want. This is what Edison CEO is about. You want the job? You want to earn $? Let me fk you….This is Edison way of how entertainment industry shoulk work. It is Albert the 2nd in training…you better believe it.

    Many peopel comments he has talent, he has style, he is good looking. Remember, there is no ugly women…there is only poor women. Everything else can be fixed wth $.

    I am going to buy all his $ collection when he start his porn business in hollywood.. He is the biggest sex maniac out there that will just fk anything that has a pussy… I want to see him fk a cow / sheep…

  • panicpee

    Hi, anyone has the link to the latest pictures? damn this story is getting more interesting as more people got involved…hee…hee

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