Will Lindsay be tricked into posing naked again?

After NY Mag’s Lindsay Lohan shoot, a clever Hugh Hefner realized that all it takes to get Lindsay naked are the words “Marilyn Monroe.” This is why he’s offered her the “chance” to re-create Marilyn’s nude swim scene from “Something’s Got to Give.” Sources say Lindsay is considering it.

Meanwhile, Forbes wrote that the nude Lindsay Lohan shoot could have potentially earned NY Mag $500,000 through just it’s website. It gets even better. The shoot cost them virtually nothing. The only person who was paid was the photographer who earned the standard fee.

I’d like to reiterate. Lindsay is a moron. Even I would have negotiated a higher pay. Say $500 and a McDonald’s extra value meal. Super sized. No way I’m letting people plaster my hot naked body all over the web for free. Not after what happened last time. Screw you Photoshop.

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