Adriana Lima naked for GQ

I’ve long subscribed to the belief that Adriana Lima is one of the lesser Victoria’s Secret models. These pictures don’t change my perception at all. Her body is “bangin'” as the kids say these days, but her face is rat-like. Every time I see her, I picture her nibbling on a piece of cheese or scurrying into a little hole. This is what I imagine Master Splinter from The Ninja Turtles would look like if he got a sex change, boob job, laser hair removal and facial reconstructive surgery. That is to say, given the chance, I would hit that without hesitation.

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Herman B
13 years ago

jessica alba believes that you are pregnant.

13 years ago

Alessanda and Adriana are the hottest Victoria’s Secrets models ever.

Leslie Gokavi
Leslie Gokavi
13 years ago

Addi,whenever I see you,I remember God,coz only God can create someone as beautiful as you are.I’m your fan and I wish you all the good things in life,bye.
Leslie from India

13 years ago

Your kidding, right? Do you really think adriana lima looks like a rat? Are you nuts?! I would like to see your girlfriend…
Adriana Lima has one of the most gorgeous faces of the planet!!!

jeff ferrani
12 years ago

I am glad I had a chance to read your message, if you have more vein thearpy information elsewhere let me know or post it here.

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