Ahhh, I don’t want to know

Ice-T and his big booty wife Coco talked to Heyman Hustle about the secret to their incredible sex life. Not sure why anyone wants to know how Ice-T keeps her happy, but Coco says it’s because of the “stroke”. Don’t want to know anymore? Well, too bad.

“We have a certain Stroke he does and he surprises every now and then with a different Stroke.”

Ice then teased: “Sex is 90 per cent mental. It happens in the brain, so she thinks my Stroke is special — but it’s the way I’ve got her head believing it’s something special.

“And that’s what adds to the Stroke.

“You can come in and hit it on a swing, but it ain’t gonna be the Stroke!’

I’m not sure what Ice-T means by the swing. Asking him to explain it would probably bring about the same unpleasant visual imagery as asking him to explain this stroke thing did. I could never watch these two in a sex tape. I don’t have the testicular fortitude. Although, if I had to imagine it, it would be Coco sitting on Ice-T’s face with her huge ass. Coco will think Ice is slapping her behind because he’s enjoying it. In reality, he’s actually trying to tap out like in the UFC. When she disengages her 50 inch ass, you’d see this euphoric expression on Ice-T’s face and he won’t be moving. At all. You’ll think he’s in a coma and you’d most likely be correct because you can’t just go around smothering guy’s faces with your butt and expect them to breathe properly.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

I’ve been looking for an Ice-T costume for six months. Bump him off on the sly and get some of her tasty ass.

She could drop that ass on my face….I’d be smacking my lips for days.

13 years ago


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