Amy didn’t always used to look like this

Amy Winehouse

Some women grow into their beauty as they mature. They start out as ugly ducklings shunned by society to later emerge as fairy princesses to be admired by all the land. This is not the case for Amy Winehouse insinuates The Sun. They posted a few pictures of Amy when she was younger and sure, she looks a little different, but I don’t know what they’re trying to prove. Apart from the weight loss, scabbed face and bloody arms, she looks exactly the same. Her hair is still long.

  • capt. cornhole

    Her face looks like a moldy yam bag.

  • Cher

    Ya know Amy looked decent a few years ago before the weight loss. Im pretty sure her behaviour wasnt so outlandish either.

  • OhWhatever

    Damn. She was beautiful back in the day.

    Come back, Amy! Come back!

  • _ugly

    why do non-gorgeous people get to be successful at all. this really is an outrage. hollywood should handle all future music acts so we the poor masses don’t have to suffer by looking at ugly people.

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