Amy Winehouse is sexy

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse went shopping yesterday and she still has those marks on her face. Someone said it was from Amy putting a cigarette out on her cheek. Clearly, that was a lie because they’re slowly taking over her forehead. She also has a bunch of cuts on her arm which I’m sure are from battling tigers in the jungles of Africa and not from razor blades in her bathroom. Her pictures are getting progressively worse. The next batch are just going to be of her face covered in one big scab. In other words, hot hot hot.

On a totally unrelated note, drugs are bad.


  • capt. cornhole

    Total meth face! scabs, lesions, pock marks.

    ….Hellen Keller could tell she on meth!

  • Nicolina

    I know I say this in every Amy article, but I LOVE YOU AMMMMMY

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