Ashley Dupre has moves

Ashley Dupre

On Tuesday, it was reported that Ashley Dupre had already been in a Girls Gone Wild Video. It was only a matter of time before people got their hands on the DVD from 2005. And here it is. What was that 5 hours? What a sexy temptress. Note that I tried dancing like this before. It didn’t turn out so well. Turns out even though the ladies loved it, the 300 drunken frat boys weren’t too keen on watching a handsome, muscular man strip. also ripped a short preview video seen below. Also video from the AP.

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Mallow Mind
Mallow Mind

How pathetic – her parents must be so proud.

An attention Whore and a street Whore all in one – how lucky can they be? The Gods must have been smiling upon them…

capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole

If you look at this objectivly, she’s doing quiet well for herself. $200K from her music (???), fat spending cash while working as high price “call girl”, now an offer for $1 million to flash some skin…. All from what? Spreading her legs! Hooter’s girls don’t get tips like that. Most women who marry Dr’s and lawyers (for money) don’t ever get to touch that kind of cash before they’re 50, and she’s 22. To boot their husbands are still out spending money and banging gals like her. Hell porn star aren’t making that kind of scratch, and they gotta… Read more »

Joe S.
Joe S.

I don’t even think that is her. Doesn’t look much like her and the nose is completely different from the Post pics from what I can see. I really think that dufus is lying.

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