Avril Lavigne is clever

Ashton Kutcher’s new reality prank show called Pop Fiction debuted last night. The concept of the show is to trick paparazzi and gossip rags into believing the stories fed to them by stars are real. The first segment of the episode featured Paris Hilton walking around with her guru/actor. This was widely reported and everyone laughed at her, but the truth was discovered the next day. For the eight hours people believed this, Paris Hilton must have been giggling with glee. Oddly enough, people are still laughing at her.

The second segment featured Avril Lavigne donning a fake baby bump and shopping on Robertson Blvd. (where celebrities go to be seen). Shocking stuff really. Although, it’s hard to pull off a prank like this when not even 7 days before you look awesome in a bikini. It also doesn’t help when your rep denies it, but who listens to them anyway.

May I suggest a prank? Nicole Richie is seen buying a blue bra, but magically comes out with a pink bra. How did she… what happened? Sorceress! On second thought, that might be too edgy. They need to step it up a little. A cooler one would be to have Russel Crowe fake a punch when being swarmed by paparazzi. As the paparazzi drops into the fetal position, Russel Crowe will shout, “Gotcha!” And then while everyone including the paparazzi laugh, Russel Crowe punches him in the nose.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

I get the point of the show, even seeing a paparazzi get knocked out would be damn funny. The problem, the line between fact and faction is pretty fine for the whacky star set. Mostly, they are watched out of morbid curiousity. It’s all be done before though: Sean Penn knocked out a pap years ago, Richard Gere is still getting cornholed by the Dali Lama, Kirsty Alley, she looks like she’s sporting a baby bump (oh wait, she ate a whole turkey again). Snatch flashing, leaked sex vid’s those are new-ish ones. You play a trick on the people… Read more »

13 years ago

Victor that so mean, yet so funny. I liked the show, Can’t wait to see the new episode tonight on E!

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