Best. Prank. Ever

Ashton Kutcher continues his cunning assault on gossip rags and paparazzi. In Touch discovered Ashton’s latest dastardly plot for his new show Pop Fiction was one that would knock everyone on their ass. It turns out, the Cartier necklace Mario Lopez gave Eva Longoria was fake. Gasp!

It’s true that Eva Longoria Parker and Mario Lopez are friends, but the Cartier necklace he gave her on March 6 is fake! In Touch can exclusively reveal that the pair were setting up a skit for Ashton Kutcher’s new reality show with a twist, Pop Fiction.

Is this what it comes down too? Was this even reported? Did anyone even care? Mario Lopez gave Eva Longoria a necklace. Hahhaha. You’ve totally outdone yourself this time Ashton. Eva must be red from embarrassment. The necklace wasn’t even real! What an idiot! Wait, you were playing a prank on Eva, right?

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14 years ago

just saw this on that show Pop Fiction on E! This was hilarious!

14 years ago

You can tell Eva and Mario was having them a good ole’ time. As long as the stars are laughing, I’ll be watching. But then again, it’s still funny when they’re not laughing either.

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