Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse posed nude, sort of, to raise awareness for breast cancer. By a miracle of light and shadow and with the blessing of black and white, photographer Carolyn Djangoly managed to capture Amy Winehouse sans the scabs and scratches. Radar quips,

The songstress appears nekkid in the April issue of British women’s magazine Easy Living, where she’s pictured strumming her guitar in the buff while covered only in two pieces of duct tape. Because looking scarily out of it (with a mild S&M twist) is just fine, as long as you’re doing it for a good cause.

Two pieces of duct tape and a guitar are all that separate you from a life of vision loss and regret. Thank Carolyn for having enough insight/foresight to realize no one wants to see Amy completely naked. As a matter of fact, next time putting her in full Eskimo attire would be fine. You know what? I’d even be happy if you just photographed a dead body. Surely, that would have taken much less retouching.