Britney Spears and Mel Gibson eat out

Heaven knows what prompted Mel Gibson to eat dinner with Britney Spears at a Russian restaurant. These two were neighbors before Britney’s chaotic lifestyle drove Mel out of his Malibu home.

Clad in jeans, a green top and boots and chewing gum, Spears arrived at the Romanov restaurant with her friend Victoria. Gibson, accompanied by a few friends, soon joined them in the restaurant’s private dining room, which features a 24-karat gold leaf ceiling, an ornate fireplace and a library stocked with such works as Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace. For two hours the group dined on filet mignon and Russian specialties, and drank water and soft drinks.

I expect that in those two hours Mel Gibson scolded Britney for causing such a ruckus in Malibu while Britney simply nodded her head to feign understanding and directed the waiter to “keep the fish a comin’.”

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capt Cornhole
capt Cornhole
13 years ago

actually i would love to see Mel eat Brit. out. Give that lush a bottle of vodka, then turn him loose on that sloppy snatch….

that would be on hell of a mess.

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