Britney Spears is a big girl

OK! Magazine has an article titled “Britney’s Comeback Plans” where they talk about how she’s stopped wearing pink wigs, makes regular visits to her sons, how her cameo on How I Met Your Mother wasn’t all that bad and how she even teaches little kids to dance. Nonetheless, I can’t help feel this is all a little sarcastic as they also report that Britney’s father, Jamie, has given her “permission” to tool around the block in her car.

“Britney is addicted to driving,” an insider tells OK!. “Initially, her father wouldn’t let her drive at all, but he knows how much she loves it and it calms her, so he’s softened the restriction. He now lets her toodle around the block in her gated community.”

A little condescending considering all the high schoolers can drive in and out of the gated community at their whim, but Britney will take it. She loves the wind in her hair as she speeds down the street at 25 mph where an eighth of a mile later she’ll have to stop and resign herself to watching her kid power wheel past her in his toy Escalade.

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