Britney without a face and time wasters

Another clip of Britney on South Park. This time singing with only half a head. I bet she wasn’t wearing panties either.

  • Celebslam: Say goodbye to Britney’s fleet of cars. They’re on sale complete with ass imprint.
  • Celebitchy: Owen Wilson won’t do interviews for his new movie.
  • ASL: David Beckham gets buzzed
  • Dlisted: Jake Gyllenhaal hurt his ankle while playing basketball. Were the handcuffs too tight?
  • SOW: Madonna has the hands of someone twice her age
  • CS: Patrick Swayze seeks experimental treatment
  • College Humor: The undefeated limbless wrestler
  • Celebwarship: Brittany Murphy and her husband make a creepy couple
  • Co-Ed: Meet the models of Deal or No Deal
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