Brooke Hogan is loose

Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan finagled her own spin-off reality show by either politely begging VH1 or threatening them with extreme violence. More likely the latter rather than the former. I overheard her in the conference room saying something about ripping off testicles and shoving them down throats. The show is called Brooke Knows Best and “the new series will follow her as she moves to Miami to start a new life on her own. Her family, including her parents, are expected to make appearances from time to time.” The original title I suggested, Bigfoot Moves to Miami, was denied after Brooke began crushing my larynx with her retard strength. Gosh, get a sense of humor.

Anyway, VH1’s description dresses it up a little bit. Let me explain what the show is really about. Brooke’s caretakers think it’s finally time to release her into modern society. The plan his to film her in unfamiliar territory attempting to do human things like not walking on all fours and creeping everyone the fuck out in a bikini.

As you can see here, before she goes off on her incredible journey, her trainer tries to teach her her name. “You Brooke. You. Brooke.” “Hur, hur! Me Brooke! Me Brooke!”

You are free, BigfootYou are free, BigfootYou are free, BigfootYou are free, BigfootYou are free, Bigfoot

  • capt Cornhole

    This chick is hot!!! Dumb as a bag of hammers…but hot.

    She’s awaiting huge cock crammed to the yam bag up her brown-eye.

    When she’s not showing moose knuckles, you can tell she got a clit the size a man thumb. Think of that rubbing on your mushroom when you’re doing her doggie style!
    Stiffer than a tongue when getting a BJ!

    Whoa…I’ve got a monster stiffy now!

    anyone know her cell?

  • Waltz08

    She looks like a man and she is fat.

  • Jon

    i would fuck the shit out of brook hogan

  • Jon

    there is no way she is a virgin. she is most likley a whore. at least a oral whore

  • ed

    you would have to be gay to not fuck Brooke if she lay down and spread it for you! i’d eat that pussy all day then flip her over all on fours and pound the shit of of that sweet pussy and fill it full of nut jucie. after i fucked her silly,she could lick my dick clean before leaving

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