Cash Warren is creative, not really

In what may be news to some, Cash Warren has a social networking site called where people go to beat each other [off]. *Snicker* To promote it he made a lip dub video and convinced his pregnant girlfriend Jessica Alba to appear in the video. Not surprisingly, this pales in comparison to the time he convinced Jessica Alba to let him stick his penis in her.

The Fantastic Four star – who is seven months pregnant – is seen lip-synching to Panic At The Disco’s Back to the Streets in the video which has been posted on new site, co-owned by Warren and his friend basketball player Baron Davis.

And the 26-year-old Latina has even posted a message on her Myspace Internet page, urging fans to sign up to the new site.

The statement reads, “Hey guys! Hope everyone had a great Easter. It’s hot here in socal (South California). Being preggers in this heat takes everything to another level.

“We shot a quirky group lip dub music video for ibeatyou. Check it out!! We invited a bunch of users from the site and put this together last Saturday. Be well guys and check out our music video…hope you get a good laugh.”

The best part about this video was that there were no ugly or really fat chicks in it. Just like in real life!

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13 years ago

i was a little hesitant about the website at first but surprisingly it was very entertaining. Was there a guy doing a keg stand in the background? just thrown that out there

13 years ago

Chase – indeed that was a keg stand on the roof! I want to work for ibeatyou!!!!

Can’t knock Cash for getting Jessica involved. The video featured several top users, and guess what, Jay_eh is consistenty one of them. Props all around, props!

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