Christina Aguilera is going to be pissed

You wouldn’t know it, but there is a bitter rivalry between Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie exacerbated by the fact their kids were born on the same day. Earlier it was reported, Christina didn’t want to even appear in the same issue as Nicole. I bet Christina is overjoyed today because early estimates show Nicole’s baby has sold 1.8 million more copies than Christina’s baby. MSNBC says,

That might be true, but Nicole Richie doesn’t seem like an obvious home run on the cover, either. “There’s also a greater element of curiosity with Nicole,” the source conceded. “She’s gone public about being a heroin addict. Her boyfriend is covered in tattoos. By default, she’s got the more interesting baby. People want to see how she settles down. They want to see what kind of baby someone with her background has.”

These estimates are clearly off because Christina has way bigger boobs than Nicole. The only reason I can think of for this discrepancy is that recently passed legislation lets you jack off to the cover of People in Barnes and Noble without paying for it.

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