Winners: Alvin and the Chipmunks giveaway


Winners have 48 hours to reply to my email with their mailing address.

1stCammy. For being relatively clever.

“Oh Dave, it’s life-size! Bottom heavy and LITE on top!”

2nd Karebear. Snicker, fat chicks.

Reddi Wip Canned Topping— the drug of choice of chubby, little chipmunks (and fat chicks) everywhere!

3rd Ed. For providing me with fantastic chipmunk imagery and letting me know how disturbed he really is.

Wow, I”ve never come THAT much myself!

Once again, I’ve been given the task to dole out a few prizes on my site. In return, I had to give up my first born. Not a problem since his fingers have finally gotten too fat to sew tennis shows. Useless bitch.

Rules are simple:

  1. Come up with a witty caption for the picture above
  2. Write it down as a comment or email it to me at theblemish (at) using/leaving a valid e-mail address
  3. Pray I don’t make fun of you

Contest ends March 31, 2008

1st and 2nd place: Alvin and the Chipumks DVD + soundtrack

3rd place: Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD

Note: If any of you have pictures you’d think be good for the next caption contest, send those in too.

  • capt. cornhole

    Until now, Lindsy Lohan didn’t know cum came in a can.

  • Mmmm… Can’t wait to lick it off of them pancakes.

  • Mz.Jessica

    “Ahhhh! Whipped Cream on mini cakes!! (panting) Delicious!”

  • Kimbo

    He likes it when they lay it on thick….

  • jessiemen


  • #4

    “You better save some of that can for later.”


    And I thought cool whip only had one purpose…brings back memories(while drooling)

  • Paul Craig

    Who doesn’t get excited for whipped cream the size of their head??!??


    Clearly clueless…the chipmunk is excited as he is fattened up to be had for dinner.



  • Electric Mary

    “mmmm … whipped semen on waffles . . . an american chipmunk delicacy rarely found in xmas tree’s. . . “

  • CDo

    Whip it good, Dave

  • ssen

    Alvin and the Whipmunks

  • tazzzy

    mmmmm….i can just imagine spreading THAT over Dave’s nuts!!!

  • tazzzy

    MMMM…. I can just imagine ThAT spread over Dave’s nuts!!!

  • bitezxd

    swttt!! gimme gimme gimme moree! cmon dave! fasterrr. *drools*

  • Puleeeeeeeeeeze don’t let it be fat free!

  • karebear

    Reddi Wip Canned Topping– the drug of choice of chubby, little chipmunks (and fat chicks) everywhere!

    (note the hypnotic effect it has on Alvin)

  • Fiona

    “Mmm… creamy. More please.”

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