Heather Mills wants more

Not content with a ruling giving her $50 million and $70,000 a year, Heather Mills wants to overturn the ruling and bleed more money out of Paul McCartney. To do this she has hired forensic accountants to prove he’s worth more than $800 million. Oh, it’s not for Heather though, it’s for their daughter.

Miss Mills has told friends she cannot look after Beatrice on $70,000 a year, the sum awarded at the High Court.

One said: “Heather says she can prove the amount of money that is being given to look after Bea will not last over the year. She is putting it to the test.

“Even with Bea travelling in economy Heather says it’s not enough. She is keeping every receipt – including her invoice to her security team – to show that £35,000 is just not sufficient.

“Heather’s thinking is that Bea should not be seen to have a different lifestyle when she is with Heather compared to Paul – and she is going about proving that is not possible.

“Heather is hoping Paul will discretely make a payment to her annually rather than want to go back to court and rake all this up again.”

I have an idea. Why not have Beatrice stay home and go to school. Maybe take her on vacation once a year or once every two years. I know, I know. The idea sounds crazy, but I think it just might work.

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15 years ago

Heather is bad mother if she can not raise her child on 70,000 a year. I understand Paul will pick up the tab for the education of their daughter, so what the h*ll? This was never about the money, according to Heather?

15 years ago

and she wonders why no one likes her…

capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
15 years ago

If she was “willing” to work, she would be all the rage at Pirate parties! Bitch could even get a diamond crusted peg leg!
She could work the BSDM pirate parties with a dildo peg leg.
She could even write off her peg legs as a business expense.

all the commotion
all the commotion
15 years ago

hahaha man this Heather Mills is one f***ed up bitch. Feel so sorry for Sir Paul.