Heidi Montag is persistent

Tantamount to throwing a handful of bologna at the wall in hopes that one will stick, Heidi Montag has started her own fashion line just in case that whole singing career doesn’t take off. The collection is aimed at 16 – 21-year-olds priced between $10 and $60.

…with pieces such as brightly colored cotton jersey dresses, graphic tees, oversized handbags, evening clutches and gold, silver and zebra print jewelry.

This girl is retarded, but not as retarded as the people funding her. People have to learn big tits doesn’t always equal success. Just ask your dad. Oooo. Yea. I went there.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

Why the long face horsey?

Boston Frk
Boston Frk
13 years ago

um…….Heidi Klum? Dont’cha mean Montag?

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