I’m in love and time wasters

I’m madly in love with Charlize Theron. More so because she’s equally enamored with the OldBoy trilogy. Less so because she’s doing a remake of the last in the series.

  • Bastardly: Heidi Montag denied you the upskirt
  • Drunken Stepfather: Tara Reid never went to college so she went to Cancun
  • CityRag: Disappointing celebrity offspring
  • Bossip: Kim Kardashian shows some ass crack
  • Celebitchy: George Clooney to be Nicole Kidman’s baby’s godfather
  • ASL: Anne Hathway left her coffin
  • Dlisted: Michael Stipe is gay. Surprised?
  • SOW: Jamie Spears and K-Fed are cooking something
  • CS: Alli Sims has a piercing… down there
  • Asylum: Millions of bees have been released
  • College Humor: The fetchbot 9000
  • TC: Trannies need a new dance
  • NinjaDude: Jessica Biel walks her dogs
  • BWE: 50 animals with drinking problems
  • capt Cornhole

    Two words:
    Aeon Flux

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