Jenna Jameson is very inspiring

PETA clearly has their fingers placed firmly on the pulse of pop-culture because how else would they know how to goad impressionable young folk into giving up their cow killing, leathery ways. In a meeting that ostensibly took place in the late 90’s, PETA decided that combining an old porn icon — Jenna Jameson — with an even older porn icon — Bettie Page — would be the key to starting a pleather revolution.

Their slogan is also hilarious. “Pleather Yourself.” Get it? Because “pleather” sounds like “pleasure” and Jenna Jameson, before she turned into Skeletor, was known for causing many a masturbatory fantasy. Oh, how rich indeed.

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capt cornhole
capt cornhole
13 years ago

I’m in a ranting mood now because of fat people: How much beef is eaten each day? A s**t ton! How many cows are butchered each day? A s**t ton! Why? Because people are hungry! What should you do with the skins of the butchered cow? Bury it complete with catholic mass? Screw that noise! They need to have PETA season in all 50 states. 30 days where you can track down and kill PETA members. The only caveat, you must leave them on the side of the road like road kill. It’s called protien, human nutrition….. Besides, JJ has… Read more »

13 years ago

You still would :p mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Mini orgasm.

13 years ago

Wow, she thinks she looks anything like Bettie Page? Bettie page was a 100% natural beauty, was NOT a porn star, and had HIPS!

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