Joe Francis is free [Florida]

Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis, plead no contest to charges of filming underage girls. The terms of the plea bargain state that he will be on 6 months unsupervised probation and he can’t film in the area for three years. Sadly, Bay County will be returning his Ferrari and the $60,000 they confiscated. TMZ says Joe could be back in LA as early as tonight.

Joe tells TMZ, “I am happy to be done with Bay County.” He’s been battling these charges since 2003.

A good welcome home present would be an airport of angry dads armed with golf clubs. They can congratulate him with blunt force trauma. It’s the gift the keeps on giving.

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Herman B
16 years ago

knocked up little slut. and by the way dude, i’m glad your free dude.

16 years ago

Wow, he looks like a walking bag of herpes.