Joe Francis is in trouble again

On Tuesday, two weeks after Joe Francis plead guilty and was let go in Florida, four more unnamed women filed suit against Joe and his corporations claiming they were “exploited and abused by being filmed in sexual situations or having direct sexual contact with Francis.”

Plaintiff “PB” was 17 in 2002 when she claims that “Girls Gone Wild” representatives took her and three female friends to a hotel room, gave them alcohol, “which PB believes included drugs or additional stimulants,” then paid her and a friend $100 to “engage in sexually explicit conduct with each other in a bedroom of the hotel room.” She said the footage was used in a “Girls Gone Wild” video.

Plaintiff “PV” was 16 on March 31, 2003, when she says Francis “forced” her and a friend “to touch his exposed genitalia” in a Panama City Beach motel room. PV said Francis then paid each girl $50 to masturbate him.

Plaintiff “PJ” was 13 and plaintiff “PS” 15 in March or April 2000 when they and a friend were driving in Panama City Beach and “Girls Gone Wild” representatives “solicited” them to expose their breasts for cameras. They said the footage was used in a video and distributed worldwide.

Francis has another pending civil lawsuit in the area. Brittany Pitts sued him in July, saying he got her to expose her breasts for “Girls Gone Wild” cameras in 2003 when she was 16 at the time.

13-year-olds have boobs? That people want to see? Seriously? And what were these little kids doing driving in Panama City Beach during what I assume was spring break. Did they have fake IDs too? Because if I was running a business like Girls Gone Wild I sure as hell would be checking their driver’s license to make sure I don’t get sent to prison to be butt raped. 13 and 15-year-olds girls should be brushing each others hair and talking about the sock hop not getting crunk (this term is still hip, right?) in the hormonally charged cesspool that is spring break in Florida.

Thanks to Brooke who I hear is so gorgeous she made Heidi Klum cry.

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