Justin Chambers is fun

Grey’s Anatomy actor Justin Chambers was admitted to the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA Medical Center in January for what he called a “biological sleep disorder.” Biologically he needed to sleep, but partying was too much fun. Something along those lines. Anyway, an eyewitness tells Star Magazine they saw him at the Village Pub in Palm Springs, CA passing out at the bar. They also note that he rambled incoherently, annoyed other customers, washed his hair in the bathroom with hand soap and tried to pick-up a waitress. The best part is he’s a married father of five. The bartender insists Justin was served only non-alcoholic beer so maybe this guy is naturally a jackass.

“He was acting as if he was on drugs, like some kind of downers. His eyes were glazed over. He slurred his words and staggered when he tried to walk,” the eyewitness added. “At one point, he was hunched over a table, then abruptly woke up and shouted out of the blue, ‘I am a father of five kids! I am a damn good father! Leave me alone!’ It was really unsettling.”

And that’s not all! Justin, who was without his wife Keisha, began hitting on a waitress! When she showed no interest, he slapped money out of her hand. “As she picked it up off the floor, he said, ‘That’s right, bitch, that’s where you belong. Pick up the money!’ “

This dude is classy. Like if George Clooney, the Monopoly man and a turn of the century Englishman were to combine into a single marvelous being, they would form Justin Chambers. He’s the Voltron of charm. The waitress must have exercised unbelievable restraint by not throwing herself at him.

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