Kate Hudson takes on Katherine Heigl

Everyone loves a good catfight in Hollywood. Well, Kate Hudson has thrown down the first gauntlet. According to, she was asked about Katherine to which Kate responded:

“Who is she?” Hudson, whose movie Fool’s Gold opened at No. 1 its first weekend, said in UK Elle. “Oh, that girl in 27 Dresses? I just don’t think about that stuff.”

And out come the claws! Raawwwr! Ladies, let’s settle this the old fashioned way. With a pillow fight! Don’t be afraid to really go at it. Grunt like Maria Sharapova at the French open. Get nasty girls! And don’t mind me while I sit in this corner, slack-jawed and drooling.

Guest contributor: Captain Swarthy

Kate Hudson: I Don’t Know Who Katherine Heigl Is [Us Magazine]

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