Katie Holmes collapses?

Star Magazine claims the pressure is finally getting to Katie Holmes. She’s been suffering from dizzy spells and debilitating headaches that have her seeing black spots. Katie also feels the need to be even thinner and obsesses over her diet.

When Katie recently lunched at her favorite restaurant, L.A.’s Joan’s on Third, it was obvious that something was terribly wrong. She seemed exhausted, her skin was pale, and she looked feeble and emaciated. “She gave us a weak smile and wave before leaving out the back door,” says an eyewitness at the restaurant. Once outside, a confused and unsteady Katie braced herself against the doorframe before her bodyguard carefully guided her into a waiting SUV.

Sources suspect the underlying cause of her current state is her inability to keep up with Tom Cruise’s endless amount of energy and high expectations.

To complicate matters even further, while Tom goes off for days at a time (“His rule is ‘You can be with me, but don’t ask about it,'” says a source), Katie is overseeing the interior design of their lavish $35 million Beverly Hills mansion. “To him, the home is a status symbol,” says a source, “so it’s on Katie’s shoulders to pull off something beyond magnificent, something Tom can brag about. She’s giving herself headaches thinking about it and making herself sick.”

Wow. And here I thought I had it hard trying to figure out how to make a potato last me five days. Turns out being a celebrity is a lot tougher than being an average person. Aren’t I embarrassed. I couldn’t imagine handling the pressure of decorating a $35 million Beverly Hills mansion or getting paid large sums of money to stare doe-eyed into a camera. I feel nauseous just thinking about it.

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13 years ago

Man, I hope she snaps and just kills the bitch and pulls out his giant chiclet teeth out with a pair of rusty pliers

13 years ago

incredible! So this interior decoration thingie’s bringing Katie down? Maaaan, she really deserves that place! They were right at that famous audition! She’s perfect for him!

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