Kevin Federline is hittin’ that [Donuts]

Kevin Federline

The Daily Mail got a couple recent pics of Kevin Federline of him playing golf. It looked like he had a whale of a good time. Hahahahhahahaha. Get it? Because he’s fat! Hello? Anyone?

  • LOL!! looks like K-fed needs to get back on a tread , sometime yesterday!

    He needs to train with Fifty cent. Click my name, check out my site see Fifty’s new NAKED training methods!

  • evonne

    oh my…is he drinking baby’s milk… too nourishing for him hence the weight gain?? LoL

  • K Fed’s turning into a pig…now that he lives off Brit’s money and no longer has to work~~

  • reneh2

    That first picture of the fat guy is NOT KLoser

  • wtfever

    Come on people! That is not Federline.

  • Cher

    LOL this pic is priceless, it made my day! Nuff said! Who cares if it is even legit, its the thought that counts :)

  • addy

    THAT guy is definitely Federline! But he’s not THAT fat. If you notice, it’s just air that gushed in on his shirt. There are other pics on this set, and you can clearly see Federline is just wearing baggy clothes.

    As much as I hate “K-Fed”, I have to defend him on this! lol

  • capt. cornhole

    Kevin Cheddar-Line

  • Marlyce

    That’s all Britney’s money!

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