Lindsay Lohan is difficult

Claus Hjelmbak (guy up top) paid Lindsay Lohan to host a fashion show at the Scandinavian Style Mansion in Beverly Hills last Friday, but things didn’t go so well as Lindsay threw a “hissy fit” when she saw one of the event’s sponsors was “Paris Hilton Handbags.” She left an hour later making off with some “very expensive gifts.” Amazingly, Paris Hilton arrived to save the day; taking over Lindsay’s duties.

“I’m grossly disappointed in Lindsay for not fulfilling her contractual duties.”

“Paris truly saved the night,” he says. “She was very gracious to everyone – and was the life of the party!”

It’s Lindsay Lohan. Fulfilling a contract and not stealing expensive stuff is a lot to ask. It’s like asking a hungry bear to stop biting you. “Stop biting me bear,” you’d say. “Chomp chomp chomp,” he’d reply.

On the other hand, I can’t pronounce this guy’s last name which could mean Lindsay took one look at her cue cards and said “screw this.” Which, coincidentally, is the same thing she said about high school and that guy at the club last Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Possibly Monday too. Did I mention Friday? Friday especially.

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