Mandy Moore’s mother is a lesbo

Mandy Moore

After leaving her husband, Mandy Moore’s mom, Stacy, started dating a woman and has now moved in with her. Entertainment Wise writes,

The other woman in question is tennis professional Claudette Laliberte. The publication also alleges that the ladies have set up a home together.

When asked about her same sex relationship with Laliberte, Stacy told the Enquirer: “It’s nobody’s business why we’re together.”

Forget about Stacy. They’re ignoring something much more important and pressing. Does this make Mandy Moore a little curious? Do you think I can convince her to have a threesome with me? I mean, it’s not like full blown lesbianism. She’s just sort of trying it out. Like when I eat a handful of Jellybeans at the grocery store. It’s merely to check that it’s a good batch before I decide not to buy any.

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