Michael Lohan wanted one too

Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s dad, was pissed when he found out his fame whore ex-wife Dina Lohan and daughter Ali had their new reality show greenlit. He cursed the gods because he too had a show he’s been trying to land. A male version of The View he called it. One he would co-host with born-again Christian friend Stephen Baldwin. Oh, but what’s this? There was already a show just like this?

It’s not likely to happen.” Sadly, Michael’s idea isn’t that original – Dick Clark, Mario Lopez and Danny Bonaduce hosted “The Other Half” for two years before it was canceled due to low ratings.

Why anyone would want to imitate The View is beyond me. That has to be the most annoying show on television. If I was a network exec, I’d prefer Michael to describe his show as, “Nothing like The View.” “Praise Jesus!,” I’d reply. Then I’d spray him with a fire hose because his idea is still retarded.

I know what you’re going to ask and the answer is no, that isn’t the gayest picture of Michael Lohan. This is.

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capt Cornhole
capt Cornhole
13 years ago

My Gaydar is telling me this man likes boys! 18-20 year old kids with soft bodies that he can “break in”.
The fact he did a stint in prison doesn’t figure in, just look at him. Too vain, legs spread, butch looking.
I’ll bet he’d pay for it too.

He might be a handballer too so watch out. If there is Crisco around.

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