Miley Cyrus, the downward spiral begins

First came the lesbian experimentation. Then the racy bikini shots. Followed by the goth phase.

And now these pics of a haggard Miley wandering around LA. Where is her stylist? I want to know right now. Look at that unkempt hair. And flannel? People still wear flannel? Face it, she’s on her way to has-been status. Once that baby fat goes away, so does the adulation. I’ve watched enough VH1 and E! Entertainment shows to know. If she marries her backup dancer, then it’s over.

May God have mercy on her soul…

Guest contributor: Captain Swarthy

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16 years ago

I hate this bitch, she’s ugly, and talentless, plus her teeth are huge, reminds me of some of the mutants from The Hills Have Eyes

16 years ago

What I hate about Miley the most is that she has all the fame and attention a girl could want and she never even worked for it or had the skills to earn it. Not only that but she takes it all for granted too. You can tell, she posts herself off to the world, constantly changing her everything just so she can get more attention, if you ask me, it’s like she wants to be the next Britney Spears. There’s only one difference, Britney has way more talent.

16 years ago

She’s hot yay for here more of it please

16 years ago

she’s actin like a hoe tryin 2 be like jamie lynn spears that’s a shame.