Nicole Richie hates her breasts

Nicole Richie told OK! Magazine that she hates her newfound post-pregnancy boobs. She says she’s not used to wearing bras and that she can’t wear her old clothes because it makes her slutty.

“I like wearing vintage hippy see-through shirts that aren’t slutty on me because there is nothing to look at. Now I have boobs so I can’t really wear it because it sends out a different message.”

Nicole Richie being afraid of looking like a slut is like a polar bear being afraid of looking white. She’s the furthest thing from virginal. Nicole would suck the rust off a car exhaust pipe if she was horny enough. She gets the shakes every time she walks past the cucumbers at Ralph’s. Nicole’s probably mad that her boobs add an extra ten pounds to her frame which totally freaks her out.

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13 years ago

She should love them,… they helped her out-sell Christina Aguillera in baby mags!

capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

Future News Headline:
In a bout of Postpartum depression Nicole Richie guts her swollen fun bags like sewer carp.

13 years ago

“Nicole would suck the rust off a car exhaust pipe if she was horny enough” LMAO…Had a good laugh!

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