Paris Hilton has been cleansed

Paris Hilton was blessed by a shaman the other day and guess what. It worked! Now she’s even dumber than last week. Hurrah!

Being or looking like an old Asian guy with a beard must be the cushiest job in Hollywood because 50 years of borderline racist movies have taught us that Asians are studious, know some type of martial art and have mystical powers from the Orient. Also, the funnier their accent, the wiser they are. Combine that with the fact that a lot of celebrities are retarded and I’ll bet you this guy is loaded. He probably goes home, takes off his robe, slips into his $500 silk boxers, which by the way feels fantastic against his nuts, and watches Lost on his 120 inch LCD.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
13 years ago

Cleansed? What? Did he recommend a Tibeten douche: 3 cups of bleach and dance like a whirling dervish for 10 minutes.

Yogi Bear “Now imagine yourself in that special place.”

PH: “How do I get my head up my pussy you silly man?”

Herman B
13 years ago

goofy thing. is that really how i look? ok. maybe a little bit.

you keep playing with me, and i’m gonna spank your tight little buttocks until your butt cheeks turn puffy and red.

and when i get done with your butt, you’ll be walking around here with a glowing red behind like a chimpanzee in heat. you little monkey girl.

13 years ago

Paris probably slept with that old geezer too!

13 years ago

Did you guys watch Pop Fiction? It was fake! C’mon, Paris Hilton a Buddhist? Get the eff outta here. Pop Fiction was funny though, can’t wait to watch the new episode this Sunday.

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