Paris Hilton is an inpsiration

Paris Hilton made her way to Istanbul, Turkey to judge the annual Miss Turkey beauty pageant. Which is like asking a deaf person to judge a singing contest. While there, she responded to being portrayed as a superficial retard who built her fame off the Hilton family name and a poorly thought out porn tape. Apparently, this is not true.

“I don’t pay attention to lies because I am a good person,” says the hotel heiress. “I work very hard and I’ve built this empire on my own. I think this is an inspiration for a lot of girls out there.”

I can hear it now. A few thousand vapid wannabes just asked their boyfriends to film them having sex and leak it on the web. I take it back, Paris. You are an inspiration. Not to women, but to men to show them the ease of which some girls can be tricked. Mini DV tapes, here I come.

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