Paris Hilton is faking it

As you can imagine, anything that comes out of Paris is a lie. Paris was seen the other day toting around a Buddhist monk in an attempt to change her party-girl image. Except, not really. TMZ uncovered the truth about said monk.

His name is Maxie Santillan. He’s starred in tons of films and TV shows including “My Name is Earl” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.” According to IMDB, Maxie’s latest projects are all in “post production” so clearly he has enough free time to whore it up for Paris.

BTW, Maxie’s MySpace profile quote makes it clear — he’s the perfect spiritual guide for Paris. It reads, “Burbank can kiss my a**.”

Whatever. I still think this guy is the real deal. His blurb for “about me” says: “My looks use to get me in trouble… and now my looks are making me money.” Aw, yea. Dolla dolla y’all. If that’s not Buddhism, I don’t know what is.

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