Patrick Swayze could live

The National Enquirer broke the story about Patrick Swayze’s pancreatic cancer yesterday, but may have exaggerated when they said he only has a few weeks left to live. Swayze’s physician, Dr. George Fisher, says he is responding well to treatment and is very optimistic about his progress. Even with the treatment, Patrick will continue to work. He is currently filming both a movie, Powder Blue, and a tv movie, The Beast.

Are they saying Patrick doesn’t need a new pancreas? Because I’d still really love to give him Paris Hilton’s or Lindsay Lohan’s. No charge or anything. All I need from him is a bathtub full of ice, a medical book, a serrated knife and we’re good to go. Also an alibi. One of those would be nice too.

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13 years ago

A group get well card has been started for Patrick. Please stop by and leave a personal message. Thank you.

– Melissa

norma g valadez
norma g valadez
13 years ago

ONE DAY AT TIME….. that what life is about We think we have forever but only GOD can tell..l know you and your wife have a big fight in your hands, but with GOD paryers you can bet this. keep fighting. caues you have a long… a head of you. just take ONE DAY AT TIME..and you see it will take time but you goning to be ok.. GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU. And youand your wife are in good hands . take care.. you will see . keep your smile up ……..and dont ever let you your dreams die…….

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