Patrick Swayze really does have cancer

Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze’s rep confirmed an earlier story from The National Enquirer that he has pancreatic cancer and only has a few weeks left to live. His rep told Page Six that 55-year-old Patrick was diagnosed a month ago and that he “underwent a serious “gastrointestinal procedure” at Stanford University Medical Center.” The average life expectancy of someone with this type of cancer is six to nine months.

Holy crap. That sucks. I thought this was one of those exaggerated stories. Double holy crap because the National Enquirer was right again. Do they do pancreas transplants? Because I’d gladly offer him Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan’s pancreas. No questions asked.

  • chewy

    this stinks. he seems like a nice guy, hard to do in hollywood.

  • Traci Kimone

    I am so sorry to hear this! He is an awesome guy and an outstanding performer!!

    My prayers are with him and his family.

  • Cher

    Darn, why the good ones? Can u imagine being told that u only have couple of weeks left to live? I dont know how I’d take it but I agree if pancreas transplants were possible lol) they should take the useless ones like Lindsay or
    Paris who continually waste space on this earth and use up our air!

  • Honeywalld

    I am so sorry to hear this too!Ican’t accept this ! I saw him at He mentioned he wants to find a great girl there! I hope he can live long!

  • OMG!!!!! Patrick Swayze I have always loved you. I’m am only 13 but I have seen almost all of your movies. YOU ROCK!!! I LOVE YOU, and hang in there!!I know that you will make it through!!!♥

  • norma g valadez

    l just want to let you and your wife and all your family all of you are in our paryers. u know l never met,but l know what your goning thought 6 years l lost my dad with cancer, l know you dont hear this.. but l just want you pass somthing to you that my told me. hold your head up and never let your dreams die. keep fighting , there only one person that know when your last will be and that GOD..l know you can do this.. god bless you and my god be with you and all your family.. take care..

  • Kayla

    What? how did everyone find out about it ? i cant believe it. a big movie star w/ cancer. if i was him ,i would just go to a hospital and see if the doctors can find a cure .

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