PEOPLE paid $6 million for this

J. Lo was allegedly paid $6 million to appear in PEOPLE magazine with her twins, Max and Emme. The stipulations were they had to stop calling her J.Lo and her husband Marc Anthony had to shoot the pictures. God she’s annoying.

This week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday, features 12 pages of new photos of the pop star with husband Marc Anthony and their 1-month-old bundles of joy inside their Long Island home and nursery.

$6 million for this? If I was paying someone that much, I’ll call them whatever I want. Like, dum dum or insufferable bitch. Those two things in her arms aren’t even awake. The least she could do is shake them a little to open their eyes.

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14 years ago

I agree, she could have at least woke them up, but hey who knows? Maybe she’s afraid the flash from the camera would hurt their sensitive eyes. I mean seriously ‘ms.jenny from the block’ needs a reality check. And $6 million?? People themselves are to blame, suckers for paying that much!

alexia richards
alexia richards
14 years ago

beautiful babies keep it up girl and take good care of them i love twins.