Pete Wentz is a fairy

Effeminate rocker boy Pete Wentz loves wearing Jessica Simpson’s line of heels. The wannabe fashion designer particularly likes to prance around in them like a poof.

“I love Jessica Simpson’s stuff, especially the shoes. I dance around my house in them all the time.”

Pete also discusses his new young women’s clothing line and admits to liking tight girl jeans.

“Technically they will be hanging in the young women’s area, but personally I make these clothes as if they are unisex,” Wentz said. “I mean, some of the clothes are clearly just for girls, you won’t see me wearing a dress or anything, but I do like to wear a slimmer jean.”

We’re way past the point of being secure with yourself. Eye liner is on the fringe of gay, but I’ll let that slide. Shaking your ass around the house in high heels and favoring tight girl jeans over man pants is ultra gay. Next thing you know Pete is going to tell everyone he walks around the city with a butt plug inside him. But according to him that doesn’t make him a flaming h**o. He just likes it rubbing against his prostate. If you were a little more open minded and secure with your sexuality, you’d understand.

Shoe queen Pete Wentz [M&C]
Pete Wentz Designs and Wears Women’s Clothes [NY Mag]

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13 years ago

I m more interested in whos that with him.

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