She put it out on her face

Amy Winehouse

On Monday, PEOPLE speculated that those bumps on Amy Winehouse’s cheek were the result of a bacterial infection called impetigo. The Sun has their own theory. They say Amy put out a cigarette on her cheek after a waitress repeatedly told her she couldn’t smoke in the restaurant.

As she received her final warning, Amy stared straight into the waitress’s eyes and pushed the burning tip of the fag into her own face.

A source at the diner said: “She hardly flinched because she was so high. The whole place was open-mouthed in horror.”

Amy tried to conceal the wound with foundation – but it has now apparently become infected, causing the swelling on her cheek.

In other news, Amy Winehouse has defied all odds and is still alive. Gold star for you you crazy bitch.

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