Shia LaBeouf is wanted

Shia LaBeouf was supposed to show up in court on Tuesday due to an unlawful smoking citation he received last month. Neither he nor his lawyer made an appearance. As a result, a $1,000 bench warrant has been issued for the Transformers star. Last year, Shia was arrested for acting drunk at a Chicago Walgreens. Charges were dropped because they didn’t want to pursue it.

This is pretty much a non-issue. Call me when there’s a warrant out on him because he forgot to lock his trunk and a dead hooker falls out. That s**t is embarrassing.

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capt. cornhole
capt. cornhole
14 years ago

WTF: you can’t smoke in public?! I don’t smoke, nor am I fond of other’s smoke. But damn! I suppose I could jerk of in public, or start calling old ladies cunts in public…cause of the First Ammendment. My jerking off is really an art form…( really it is!) and old ladies…well many of them can be pretty cunty. People are turning smokers into the next Hitler or bin Laden! Same slobs that show up at and protests in gas sucking SUV’s. Fucking hypocrites! oh and Megan FOX….. You NEED MORE PIC’s of her hot ass! In fact, I think… Read more »

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